Awesome Coffee Transforming Lives

This is direct trade and ethically sourced coffee, hand-roasted to order and delivered to your door.

Taste the love, passion and dedication of Zimbabwe’s small scale coffee farmers in a cup.

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Farmer to Cup – Sustainability Matters

We are inspired by and work with Zimbabwe’s small scale coffee farmers. Our coffee is the ultimate show of humans living in perfect harmony with nature. Our small scale coffee farmers produce for you the finest coffee with love, dedication, commitment and greatest of care. Water, solar-pumped from a nearby reservoir, irrigates the plants in-between rain seasons. The bees high in the trees along the coffee fields pollinate the flowers that produce the coffee cherries. Perennially running water from a spring in a hill behind the farmers’ homesteads is redirected towards the coffee washing stations at harvest time.

We employ a special roasting technique so you get to savour the glorious aromatic, fresh rich flavours of the medium bodied, lively well-balanced blend of goodness in a cup.

Coffee By Kings clip-top eco-cannister 100% recyclable

This environment friendly refillable eco-cannister comes with 180g coffee of your grind preference. A perfect gift idea, the airtight clip-top seals in the aroma and flavours of the coffee.