Why settle for a coffee when you can have a GREAT coffee?

Changamiri Coffee Co. is a United Kingdom based independent coffee operation ensuring small-scale coffee farmers, the KINGS, of the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe get the recognition, value & quality of life they deserve. The farmers’ passion, dedication and commitment to the perfect cup of coffee is unrivaled. We invite you to be a part of the most rewarding coffee experience where you enjoy the best quality coffee while making a huge impact to life in our coffee growing communities.

Changamiri Coffee Co. brings you it’s in-house brand Coffee By Kings (CBK), inspired by the small scale coffee farmers of Zimbabwe who are dotted around the stunningly beautiful terrain of Zimbabwe’s misty eastern highlands.

Coffee By Kings brings the mastery of the smallholder African farmers to the world through a special selection of the finest coffee from their farms. From farmer to cup, Changamiri Coffee Co. ensures the KINGS get the best possible value for their love, passion and dedication to a fine cup of coffee.

Our coffee is more than just a beverage, it’s an invitation to be a member of our small scale coffee farming family

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