Changamiri Coffee Company Kicks Off an Exciting Branded Packaging Design Competition for Final Year Design Students in Zimbabwe

Changamiri Coffee Company, an independent, Zimbabwean family-owned UK-based integrated specialty coffee company, has launched an exciting Packaging Design Competition for final year design students in Zimbabwe. The competition aims to “redesign the face of Changamiri Coffee Company” through branded packaging designs that reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the local culture.

The competition will involve finalists creating and submitting a branded packaging design that captures the spirit of the Changamiri Coffee Company. Entrants will be judged on how well their design appeals to the target market, how well it stands out and how well it communicates the company’s core values. The winning design will be used to package the Changamiri Coffee Company’s retail products Coffee by KingsTM and RUMUKOTM coffee pods.

Open to final year design students in Zimbabwe, the competition is an opportunity to showcase their skills, gain industry experience and make a name for themselves in the coffee industry. Students who are looking to gain experience in the creative design industry are encouraged to take part.

“Changamiri Coffee Company is proud to be able to offer young Zimbabwean creatives an opportunity to make their mark in the coffee industry”, said founder and CEO of the company Hillary Chindodo.

“The competition will not only give finalists the chance to showcase their design skills, but it is also an opportunity to network, gain insight into the world of packaging design in particular and valuable industry experience in general”, said Mr Chindodo.

Along with the cash prize of US$200 and the potential of having their design featured on Changamiri’s packaging, the winner will also get a chance to be mentored by one of Zimbabwe’s leading and most experienced design agencies.

“Changamiri Coffee Company is committed to supporting young and upcoming Zimbabwean designers by providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and creativity. The competition encourages students to think beyond traditional packaging design conventions and explore new ideas and approaches that can help create an innovative brand identity for Changamiri Coffee Company”.

“We are excited to see the creative and innovative designs that finalists will submit. We look forward to awarding the winning design and helping to launch the creative career of a Zimbabwean design student”, Mr Chindodo said.

The competition also offers an online platform to showcase the best student work to a wider audience.