Cyclone Idai and coffee – The Kings shall rise

On the 15th of March 2019, Zimbabwe’s eastern districts of Chipinge, Nyanga and Vumba were changed forever. Cyclone Idai which hit the countries of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi has left a trail of unimaginable destruction and devastation. Scores of lives have lost, homes completely destroyed and livelihoods totally vanquished. The eastern districts are Zimbabwe’s coffee growing region where we have been working with some of the small scale farmers, the KINGS, who supply our coffee. Hundreds of farmers have lost their crop and for some their entire fields were washed away.

We have joined thousands of Zimbabweans in the country and abroad together with the rest of the international community who are doing everything they can to bring much needed relief. Since we started working with the small scale coffee farmers, never have we felt a greater call to assist that community of hardworking men and women than now. It is a call we have heard loud and clear. Changamiri Coffee House and Coffee By Kings will do everything.

In the face of their greatest adversity the KINGS shall rise.

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