Changamiri is an integrated coffee company inspired by and working with small scale coffee farmers in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands. At the core of Changamiri’s business model is a quest to integrate smallholder farmers as partners
who benefit from the coffee value chain’s downstream opportunities away from the farm-gate.

Changamiri is looking to develop branded packaging that captures and combines its unique business model and the African cultural concept of Ubuntu where the life of any member of society only has meaning when every other member’s life means something. A brand of shared values that exposes the richness of Zimbabwe’s culture and resilience of its people. Global citizens who are comfortable and confident in any society just as the coffee has the confidence to stand side by side with coffee from anywhere in the world

The Brief

To design an innovative and sustainable coffee packaging solution that appeals to coffee lovers and reflects the brand’s values.

Our brand is a specialty coffee roaster, known for its high-quality coffee beans and commitment to sustainability.

Target Market:
The target market is coffee enthusiasts who are conscious of the environmental impact of packaging and are looking for an attractive and eco-friendly solution.

Design Requirements:
1. The packaging should be visually appealing and reflect the brand’s personality and values.
2. The design should be practical and functional, allowing for easy storage and transport of cof- fee beans.
3. The packaging should be environmentally friendly and made from sustainable materials, such as recycled paper or biodegradable materials.
4. The packaging should be easy to recycle and/or compost. The design should include relevant information such as coffee origin, roast date, and brewing instructions.

Submission Requirements:
1. Submit a high-resolution visual of the proposed packaging design, including front, back, and side views.
2. Include a brief description of the materials used and why they were chosen.
3. Explain how the packaging meets the design requirements and enhances the overall coffee-drinking experience.

Deadline: Extended to 07 July 2023
Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your creative and innovative coffee packaging designs!

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