Become an Independent Coffee Business Executive


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Changamiri Coffee Co. invites aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to join our coffee family as an Independent Coffee Business Executive (iCBE). The iCBE programme is an exciting and rewarding yet unique opportunity to be a part of a truly transformational story which recognises the contribution small scale coffee farmers make to the coffee industry.

Driven by virtue, we are an integrated UK-based coffee business inspired by and working with Zimbabwe’s small scale farmers in the country’s Eastern Highlands. We have developed an award-winning concept which moves small holder farmers from just being coffee producers on their field to business people who profit from the numerous opportunities in the product’s value chain. Our model, through our Coffee By Kings (CBK) brand, makes sure the farmers realise the best possible value for their LOVE, PASSION and DEDICATION towards the perfect cup of coffee.

By joining our CBK family as an Independent Coffee Business Executive (ICBE), you too have an opportunity to impact our wonderful community of farmers while building a very rewarding personal business selling a product in one of the most exciting sectors in the United Kingdom. Coffee is a £15 billion industry in the UK and coffee sector is one of the fastest growing in the UK with the specialty coffee market offering some exciting opportunities.

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